Dimension mm Inches
Total Length (A) 19.9
Shank Length (B) 5.5
Swing distance (C) 12.2


M10 x 1 Self-Forming Thread - Hardened Steel - Zinc Plated - Yellow - 90˚Hydraulic Grease Fitting

Self-forming threads can be screwed or driven into an untapped hole. The size of the hole must be determined by the user.

Avoid chamfering as a sharp edge to the hole helps the thread bite



Bulk pack quantity - BP1: 1000
Approximate Weight (Kg) - BP1: 11
Small box quantity: on request
Stock Classification: Class 3 Parts
Material: Mild Steel
Recommended Hole: ref. DIN 71412
Spanner/Wrench size: 11mm Hexagon
Internationally recognised standard: DIN71412

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