Steel Stores

Timely deliveries start with adequate stocks of steel. Kingfisher hold in a dedicated warehouse all the hexagon and round sizes of free cutting steel required to manufacture parts immediately.

First Operation Production

High speed efficient production rates are absolute vital to meet the rapid changes in high volume demand. Precision is also essential when meeting the strict criteria of both the Aerospace and Automotive industries. 

Kingfisher operates one of the largest direct-drive multispindle bar-automatic machine shops in Europe, giving us the capacity tp supply the highest demand for grease nipples in the world.


Heat Treatment

Modern double shaker hearth furnace to ensure accuracy and consistency in the case hardening process.

Automatic Drilling Machine

Technical discussion during improvement programme for high volume production of drilling machinery and tooling. All developed in-house.


Holes are tapped using thread rolling tooling - quicker and cleaner than cutting.  This process is also fully automated


Assembly - Balls

Kingfisher designed and build automatic assembly machines to place the ball and the spring into the body. These provide efficient high volume production and consistent quality.



One of several busy Kingfisher workshops - this one showing the Kingfisher drilling machines

Quality Control

Quality system employing SPC and process flow control charts, meeting criteria for international quality standards.


Spring Making

Springs are produced by Kingfisher to our own design. Heat treatment after coiling ensures effective life.